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Eric Romero



A childhood spent shooting expressive photographs with a self-taught father on 35mm film; it really isn't a bad way to start out in life. I marveled at all his equipment as I watched him shoot weddings, people, and nature when he wasn't spending his days trying not to be laid off by then-imploding, Kodak. Luckily, he balanced his passions and a career for 32 years. His passion for composition and taking photos that don't need editing really caught my interest.


Fast forward from an awkward adolescence and you'd find that I like to use both digital and 35mm film to capture moments better told as-is and not repeatedly airbrushed into plastic models with Photoshop. Ablaze Studios Photography was born. Will I touch things up? Absolutely. However, I prefer to not use software to change the raw-ness of the moment. The human form is the most coveted, often distorted and extremely over-edited. One day, maybe I'll have the pleasure of shooting my adorable aging parents, who knows. Until that day, I find myself shooting a variety of styles with all the dimensions that Ablaze Studios Photography covers. I live to talk about art and connect with other humans who share the love for anything that dips into the creative. 

Have you felt awkward posing in a stuffy studio with more equipment than an operating room? I have. It's awful. That is not the focus of Ablaze Studios Photography. Most of my clients feel the same way, so I do away with all that and prefer a gorgeous outdoor or unique indoor location in this interestingly wonderful state we call Colorado. By leaning towards the unconventional, both are able to laugh off the awkwardness while I create the most amazing portraits you can imagine - all while having fun.


I aim for personal empowerment and in becoming more aware as individuals. Let's capture the moment, together. Don't take life too seriously - you'll never get out alive. 


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